Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Few Pictures of Spring Blooming

I got a few shots one morning this week of some of the beautiful spring blooming in the front yard at Crest Avenue.

This massive pink and purple flowering hydrangea is as healthy this year as any year I can remember. This is truly a specimen plant.  A few weeks ago I shared with you that I trimmed the existing wood considerably and snipped out the dead wood.  We may only get greenery this year since most hydrangea flower on the wood from the previous year.  But that is OK.  It had gotten too gangly from not being trimmed over the years.  Last year it was full of blossoms but they kept falling over because they were too heavy for the branches.

Two more hydrangea that were planted last year in close proximity to the specimen above.  The soil determines the color of the blooms.  Since the large specimen plant has pink/purple blossoms and these are just a couple feet away, I expect they will have the same colors.

Our banana tree is thriving.  It made it through the winter.  And as we all know, this was a very harsh winter throughout the country.  If this banana tree made it through last winter, then it will make it through any winter.

Another view to show you how strong this is coming back.  It should be glorious in about a month.  I have some diamond grass that I want to plant in this area also.  We will be covering that in the next few weeks.

Lots going on in the landscape these days.  And lots to do.  We have had plenty of rain this spring and it shows.
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