Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We had a wonderful visit with three generations of mother's this past Saturday.  We had my grandmother, my mother and my sister.  We spent the day with them at their home in Midlothian, VA.  Grandmother is ninety-five this month.  An inspiration to us all.  We took a little something for everyone and lunch.

 From this bag we put together our Mother's Day gifts.

Beautiful yellow alstromera.  I love alstromera.  Many times I keep simple containers of these throughout the house.  They are beautiful, available and affordable.  That is always a great combination.

I found this decorative, glazed vase in neutral earth tones.  I thought it worked well with the yellow flowers.

They just take a little arranging and, voila.  A cute vase of flowers for grandmother.

I found this lovely green basket at Home Goods which I used to hold several food gifts for my mother.

This excelsior also came from Home Goods.  I bought two bags because I will surely use this again in the future when putting together gift baskets.

Here we are with the basket filled with excelsior.  The pinks and greens again remind me of the Beverly Hills Hotel.  A pretty combination.

And then we added the gifts.  Of all of these items I knew the orange marmalade would be the favorite, and it was.  I remembered from childhood that she loved orange marmalade, and even made it.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to make it, but I am hoping that this brand will suffice.

For my sister, I got her a very special gift.  An item that we have talked about on WTCA.  One that is very useful and allegedly an energy saver.  But first, we had to choose a suitable gift bag.  This bag was of a heavy maiche type paper that was then embossed with this flame design.  Very pretty.

And what did we put inside?  Why a box of Eco Nuts, of course.  We reviewed these some weeks ago on WTCA and we have been using them with excellent results.  She was happy to receive these as was my brother-in-law.  He put them in the dryer right away to test them out.

And finally, a little tissue paper on top of her bag and we were ready to go.

I made poached chicken salad and creamy cucumber salad.  My sister made broccoli casserole and fruit salad.  It was a delightful lunch table.  I will share the recipes for the chicken salad and cucumbers later in the week.
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