Monday, May 19, 2014

A Quick Tip

If you intend on serving vodka at your next soiree, here is a tip.  Put it in the freezer the night before the event.  This is a personal preference.

This way it has ample time to chill completely.  The alcohol content keeps it from freezing solid and makes it thick.  Almost syrupy.  Chilled vodka is positively spectacular over the rocks, as a vodka martini or vodka and tonic.  Use a good quality vodka.  That always helps.  I am a fan of Skyy vodka which was first introduced to me by my friend Bev.

I enjoyed a couple vodka and tonics on Saturday night with these festive gray and white striped paper straws.  A vodka and tonic and freshly made shrimp cocktail.  Honestly, ... does it get any better than that?
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