Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Twist on the Morning Coffee

I enjoy a nice, steaming cup of Joe in the morning.  I like to have a cup in the car on the way to work and many mornings will stop at Starbuck's just before going upstairs to get a "grande decaf."  I went "decaf" some time ago because I was on caffeine overload.  Coffee in the morning, caffeinated diet soda's during the day and caffeinated iced tea the rest of the day all eventually caught up with me.  I found myself one day lying in a bed in the Emergency Room at GW University Hospital complaining of chest pains.  I was lucky.  I did not have a heart attack.  But it was a wake-up call to me that I needed to make some changes.  So, I cut out caffeine in areas where I could.  I'm certain that it is still in some things I eat and drink but hopefully in small amounts.  So we have established that I like coffee.

Each year about this time, I make the switch from hot coffee to cold coffee.  And the reason for that?  Heat and humidity.  The humidity was thick in the air this morning after all the rain the past two days.  It just closes in around you.  During the hot summer days I still want my coffee fix, but I prefer it chilled.  This is how I do it.

I start out with four tablespoons of Half and Half and four tablespoons of a flavored creamer.  This week we are using Coconut Creme.  Next week will likely be another flavor.

I make drip coffee in my Krups coffeemaker.  I make it in six cup batches.


Here we have a pitcher of freshly brewed Maxwell House Decaffeinated coffee.

We pour in the eight tablespoons of Half and Half and flavored creamer.

And then we place the carafe in the refrigerator overnight.  It must sit in the refrigerator overnight so that it is sufficiently cool in the morning.  If you want, you could make it fresh in the morning and then pour it into a blender with some ice and make an iced coffee drink.  But I prefer it this way.

Two 6 oz. cups with lids, one for me and one for Steven, for the drive to work.

And there you have it.  Two cups of the most delicious chilled coffee you have ever had.  And a good deal less expensive than buying it bottled at your local deli or quik-mart.  There is usually a little bit left in the bottom of the carafe each morning and I enjoy that at the end of the day before making another pot.  You can adjust the amount of coffee and creamer to your liking, depending on how many you are serving.  This is a twelve cup carafe, so I would simply double the amount of creamer and half and half if I made a full pot.  I hope you will try this.  I'm certain you will enjoy!!!
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