Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Repairs to the Vertical Blind Valance

Every day brings us something new.  Some days it brings something good.  Some days something bad.  And some days it brings annoyances.  This particular day brought us an annoyance.  The valance on the vertical blinds in the kitchen just all of a sudden decided it was tired.  I walked in one day last week and it was no longer clipped to the supporting rail.  With all the things I have to do, this was not something I needed right then. But, it had to be fixed, so here is what we did.

Here was the sad, hanging valance that I saw as I entered the kitchen.

I thought, "This is odd.  How did it do that?"

Upon closer inspection, I found that the plastic clips which hold the valance in place had miraculously snapped.  Maybe with time these clips lose their resiliency and this is what happens.  I don't know.  But clearly we needed to get this fixed.

So off to Lowe's we went.  I wasn't certain where I would find these clips.  I ran into two guys who were very helpful and found them for me right away.  Way to go Lowe's.  I decided to get two bags so that we will have some in stock for the next time this happens.

Here are what the clips look like in real life.  The top portion with the plastics pins clip over the valance supporting rail and lock in place.  The front section that is slightly curved attaches to the valance strip.  You need only to squeeze the top and bottom of the valance strip to fit them into the grooves on the clip.  The whole process couldn't be easier.

You see in this picture the old, broken valance clip which had come loose from the supporting rail.  These were removed.

And a little while later, ...

Our valance was back in place and better than ever.

Actually, that is a very accurate statement about them being better than ever.  I added additional clips this time around.  The blinds came with only four clips.  The valance now has seven clips holding it in place.  I believe this will keep this problem from happening again.  It is a must sturdier installation with the extra clips. So, thank you to Lowe's for taking care of a very good customer.  Me!!!
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