Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day is Sunday

Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, May 11.  We will be driving to Midlothian, VA to visit with my mother and my grandmother and sister.  My grandmother will be 95 years old on May 31.  We have been very lucky to have her with us all these many years.  We wish for 95 more!!!  I got the cards in the mail this morning.

I know better than to let this holiday go by without sending a card.  I like sending cards.  I enjoy sending cards on birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitvahs - you name, I'll send a card.  Egreetings are popular today with the younger set.  I do not send egreetings.  I will admit when egreetings first came about I sent a few just out of curiosity.  But once that curiosity was satisfied, I stopped.  Go buy a card.

It is always nice to keep some interesting stamps on hand also.  I love these little Bonsai stamps from the post office.  They are a nice touch to the envelope and say that you cared enough to put a little extra effort in the project rather than just using a standard issue stamp.  In this case, it's not about money.  These Bonsai stamps cost the same as a standard issue stamp, so you will spend the same amount of money either way. Why not choose a special stamp.  I know I always enjoy checking out the stamp on cards that are mailed to me.

I will be catering our lunch on Saturday.  We will be having poached chicken salad on 7 grain bread, cucumber and onion slices in a viniagrette and my sister is making broccoli casserole.  For dessert I will bring carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Gosh, I wish Mother's Day was every weekend!!!
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