Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Assessing the Winter Damage at Crest Avenue

As you all know, this past winter was one for the record books.  "Brutal" would be a kind way of describing winter in most of the country during the 2013/2014 season.  As I make my way through the yards at Crest Avenue, I am making a list of the damage - how bad is it and can the plant/shrub be saved or does it need to go.  Unfortunately, the column headed "Needs to Go" is way longer than the "Can be Saved" column.  This is very discouraging but a fact of life.  So we dig in, literally, and set about reviving the landscape.  I started with this poor dead holly.  It was difficult to get a clear picture against the ivy but if you look closely you can see the dead branches of the holly.

I planted rows of holly bushes several years ago in two separate areas.  One area was along a fence line in the back yard next to the patio.  That row has done very well.  The holly bushes there are as healthy and vibrant as any I have ever seen.  The row in which this holly was planted did not fare so well.

They were planted along the sidewalk which leads to the tool shed.  Directly behind them is the bamboo grove.  I believe the bamboo provided too much shade for them.  They were healthy but never as robust as the others along the fence.  Finally, after a winter like the one we experienced this year, it was too much for them and they succumbed to the harsh conditions.

Here is a clearer picture of the holly after it was dug from the ground.  Such a shame.  Most of them along this area are dead.  I think I counted two that are still alive.  Those will be dug up and planted in the center garden in the back yard around the large Sweet Gum trees, but at a spot where they will get ample sunshine which is on the west facing side of the trees.
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