Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Bit of Spring Inside

I like to keep flowers in the house.  I keep them all throughout the year.  It is especially important to me in the winter months to keep fresh cut flowers inside.  But I like them in the spring as well. Take a look at this beautiful arrangement I received as a gift this past weekend.

I love the yellow lilies.  They are so fragrant.  They have a very specific aroma which I find soothing.

The filler flowers are pretty as well.  I think the colors are well coordinated.  Pinks and grapes and some green asters.  Really pretty and a nice way to brighten up a room.  My father, as tough and gruff as he was, loved to plant flowers in the spring.  I remember specifically his new guinea impatiens in hanging baskets.  So the guys should not be shy about planting flowers or having flowers in the house.  All of creation is here to be enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks SPB.

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