Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back to the Birthday Celebration

The main course on Saturday night was meatloaf and macaroni and cheese.  These are Steven's favorite foods these days.  He is just getting his sense of taste and these two comfort foods are his faves.  He told me that was what he wanted for his birthday dinner, so that is what he got.

This meatloaf recipe I have had for years.  The macaroni and cheese recipe I just found online not long ago. I usually make baked macaroni and cheese.  Steven prefers stove top macaroni and cheese.  I didn't want to just boil macaroni and then stir in cheese of some description.  So I found a recipe that basically had most of the ingredients of the baked version but it was all done on the stove-top.  I like this idea.  It was delicious.  I will share these recipes on the Food and Recipe page.

This food warmer is a wonderful thing to have.  I made everything and left it to cool, covered, to room temperature.  Then I transferred it to the food warmer, plugged it in, set it on high, and joined Steven and the other guests.  When we were ready to eat, everything was at the perfect temperature.  These are really wonderful to have if you entertain often like we do at Crest Avenue and Dewey Street.

Here was Steven's plate.  A slice of meatloaf atop a slice of garlic bread with a little beef gravy.  It really was a delicious meal.
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