Monday, March 4, 2013

Things We Like - Campbell's Tomato Juice

We are starting a new column here at Crest Avenue called "Things We Like."  We have received numerous comments from readers expressing how much they enjoy the posts where we talk about items we have found that we like.  Most times we come across these items quite by accident.  When we stumble upon something we believe our readers will enjoy, we share it.  Sometimes it will be an item that will help you get organized (like the Neat Scanner).  Sometimes it is something interesting and fun (like the hedgehog dryer balls).  Sometimes it is something healthy (like the bistro boxes from Starbucks).  If we think you will enjoy the item and that is will bring value to your life, then we share it.  We will post each of these on the main page and simultaneously post them on the "Things We Like" page (those tabs run just under the header).

Today's item is Campbell's Tomato Juice in the 5.5 oz cans.

These are delicious and a good way to stave off hunger pangs between meals.  At 30 calories per can (one can = one serving) you cannot go wrong.  You may also be aware that V8 offers their vegetable juice drink in these small sized cans.  I generally buy the larger sizes of V8 and keep them in the refrigerator.

These smaller sized cans are easily transported from home to the office in a canvas bag.  So if you drive to work or if you take the train, you are not burdened with transporting large, heavy bottles of juice.

For those readers who are diabetic, you will be happy to know that each can has only 7g carbohydrate and 5g sugar.  So drink up!!
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