Monday, March 25, 2013

A Pretty Spring(like) Picture

Even though we are being blanketed by snow this morning, two days ago it was a much different picture.  On Saturday morning, Baxter and I ran the standard weekly errands.  This week, those errands included a stop at our local Aldi.  We do not shop at Aldi every week.  As my mother said when I told her that we had a new Aldi in the neighborhood, "Well you certainly cannot do all of your grocery shopping at Aldi."  And she was right.  And anyone who has shopped at Aldi knows she was right.  They carry the basics and their prices are good, so from time to time I stop by.  This week I stopped to get some kiwi and strawberries.  (More on what those were used for later in the week.)  Of course, I ended up picking up a good deal more than just kiwi and strawberries.  One of the "extra" things I found once I was inside the store were hydrangea plants in decorative pots.

Three beautiful, blue hydrangea.
 Aren't these beautiful.  And a steal at just $4.99 each.  I got three.  I have the perfect spot for them in the back yard.  And even if I didn't, for $4.99 each, I would find a spot.  You see here they are lined up in a chair on the deck.  Saturday was actually not bad.  In the low 50's and sunny.  So I spent a little time outside.  Fortunately, I brought these in late yesterday before the snow started.

While the weather is rather miserable here today, it will improve as the week progresses.  By this upcoming Saturday, we are expecting to be in the mid-50's and sunny.  That means it will probably be 60.  I know someone who will be planting three hydrangea in the back yard if the forecast holds true.
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