Friday, March 29, 2013

Cool Comfort by Ikea

We talked a few weeks ago about the Sheex system, which are sheets designed to bring coolness to the bed for those of us who suffer with overheating during the night.  Strangely enough, after that post I was in my local IKEA store and discovered that they too, are now offering options to their customers for helping to make the nighttime hours more comfortable.  As I made my way through the store, I came upon this sign in the textiles department.  I was intrigued. 


They explain here the different levels they offer in comforters from 1 through 6.  I was primarily interested in a lightweight comforter.

They have Cool Comforters (for people like me.)

They have Warm Comforters.

And they have Extra-Warm Comforters.

I opted for a Level 1 comforter insert.  I have been very pleased with this choice.  I am actually able to finally enjoy having a comforter on my bed which I can use every night and that does not end up on the floor by the following morning because I was smothered by it all night.  I have been using the Level 1 comforter insert during these final few weeks of winter and it has served me well even on chilly evenings with the heat turned down.  Of course, this is subjective and positively an individual choice.  You may like to get a Level 1 or 2 comforter insert for the summer and spring, a Level 3 for the fall, and a Level 4 or 5 for the winter months, depending on the temperatures where you live.  If you are particularly cold natured, then a level 6 is for you.

Once you choose your preferred comforter insert, the real fun begins.  Now it is time to choose your comforter cover, or duvet.

IKEA sells the comforter covers in a multitude of colors and styles.  I chose the striped one shown above, third from the left.

You will surely find a cover that suits your decor.  You may even want more than one for when your mood changes and you want a new look.  It is so easy to slip the comforter insert of your choice inside the cover, snap it closed and place it on the bed.  Another thing I really like is the cover is easily removed and can be washed in your household washing machine.  When dry, simply place the comforter insert back inside, snap it closed, and place it back on the bed.  So easy and so much more affordable than having a regular comforter cleaned.  That runs $35 here and it was something that I did regularly since I allow Baxter on the bed.

Life is short.  Make it as comfortable as you can.  This definitely falls into the "Things We Like" category here at WTCA.

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