Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The New Soilsaver Composter

We have joined the world of composting at Crest Avenue.  At our last Farmer's Market Day in the fall I stopped by and bought one of these Soilsaver Compost Bins.

I stored it in the garden shed with the intent of assembling and setting it up in the spring.  Since last Saturday was such a beautiful pre-spring day, I did just that.

Assembly could not have been easier.  I was expecting to spend much longer getting it assembled than I actually did.  It comes with plastic bolts and nuts (which are nice so you don't end up with rusty hardware).  Included also is a wrench for tightening up everything once you are done.  The wrench is plastic also.  And it is all from recycled material.

I'm rather anxious to get started using this thing.  I began reading the book which tells you which items can be composted and which items cannot.  It is an interesting list and one that you will want to review before starting your composting project.  I was surprised to find things on the list which could or should not be placed in the compost bin.  Such as, napkins and paper towels, plants, ashes (coal or charcoal), or any type of colored paper.  I intend to use mine mainly for grass clippings and leaves.  As you can see from the picture above, I have plenty of leaves to gather up.  This location next to the shed is a good one since it gets plenty of sunshine during the day.  When the weather improves and the Farmer's Market is open for business, I will venture over to see if the same guy is selling these again this year.  I would like to get at least one more.

While working in the back yard putting together my new composter, look what I found.  Beautiful little crocus which popped up in an obsure corner.  So beautiful.

This poor crocus is either having a hard time getting started or has already seen better days.  Such is the cycle of life.

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