Friday, March 22, 2013

A Winter Weary Washington

Where is spring?  I know the first official day was yesterday.  But we are not seeing many signs of spring here in the Nation's Capital.  It was 30 degrees at Crest Avenue this morning.  If it were December or January or February - or event the first week of March, that would be expected.  But not as we approach the end of March.  I must take a moment to reminisce and acknowledge that when I first moved to Cheverly, in April 1993, I moved in snow and ice covered roads.  Let's hope that does not happen again this year.

Below is a pictorial of my drive into the city this morning.


Bleak with concrete.

Bleak with old crime scene tape wrapped around it.

Bleak with parked cars.

Bleak beside a Metrobus.

Bleak in front of the Carnegie Mellon library.

Bleak on the other side of the Carnegie Mellon Library.

Ahhhh!  Finally a little spot of spring.  This photo taken at the Washington Harbour complex in Georgetown.  The groundskeepers have done a superb job of getting all these pansies planted over the past week.  It helps to lift the spirit.
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