Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peace Lily in Bloom

Easter is almost here.  I have been so busy with the kitchen renovation and other projects that it nearly slipped my mind.  I did get a card in the mail to my family in Midlothian, VA yesterday.  I should, at a minimum, dye some eggs and set them on the dining room table.  I have no plans for the weekend as yet.  I think the cold weather is affecting everyone.  It is usually starting to warm up a bit just before Easter and since that has not happened this year, my clock has been thrown off.  But not every living thing is still in the winter doldrums.  My peace lily presented this beautiful bloom yesterday.

Just beautiful and timed perfectly.  I have three of these plants on my desk.  The other two are smaller and have not sent up any blooms.  Isn't nature magnificent.  Look at the way the petal curves on the end.  Perfection personified. 
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