Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally, A Somewhat Suitable Picture of the Ceiling

Sometimes in life we stumble upon things quite by accident.  Such is the case with today's photo of the
newly painted kitchen ceiling.  I have been struggling with getting a picture that was not so harsh.  The light wants to bounce off the Brushed Pearl finish and when it does, the pictures are just awful.  They are not a true representation of richness this adds to the room.  So last night, after dark, I turned off all the lights, set the aperture and the flash on my camera, and stood in a pitch black kitchen and starting taking pictures.  Guess what.  It worked.  Finally I was able to get a picture that shows the ceiling in all of its magnificence.  Really beautiful.

Once I was done taking pictures in the dark (I'm sure my neighbors wondered what was going on), I moved on to getting the electrical junction box covered.  This project has taken WAY too long to complete.  Originally I expected this to be one of the easier parts of this project.  But that did not happen.  You see here the jumble of wires.

And you do not see the jumble of wires here.  The Brushed Pearl finish that I applied to the cover plate yesterday blends in nicely with the rest of the ceiling.  It hides the wires and it covers some other sins as well.

I am so pleased to finally be done with this.  Now we can move on to painting and stippling on the walls above the cabinets and to installing the backsplash.  I hope to have some wonderful pictures of that progress very soon.
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