Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Kitchen Renovation (continued)

The kitchen renovation continues.  I got the two slate plaques from New Orleans back on the finished wall.  You will see here that I was in the process of preparing coffee for the morning commute.  Two cups out and at the ready beside the coffeemaker which was set to "auto" and to start brewing precisely at 7:30 AM.

You will note that the wall to the right still has the green paint which was the color thoughout the house.  That wall has not been painted because backsplash tiles will be installed there.  We will have to find another location for the paper towel holder.  I do not want to put this holder up on the tiled wall.  It is not worth the headache.  It is time to find a new place for the paper towels anyway.  The stippling effect on the facing wall using Behr paint in Swiss Coffee and Castle Path turned out beautifully.

I tried to get a clear shot of the new ceiling painted using Valspar paint in Brushed Pearl, but I had some trouble.  The flash from the camera did not give this a very flattering look at all.  I think if we light the room differently and try again we will get btter results.  I was able to get this shot which gives you some idea of how it turned out.  It is really a stellar look.  I will continue posting pictures about the renovation in this room, so there will be new shots forthcoming which will give a clearer view.

I am not at all disappointed in the application.  It is a very unique look and that is what I was going for.  It matches a new silver brushed pearl serving tray that I received from friend Bev for Valentine's Day.  She always know exactly what to buy.
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