Friday, March 29, 2013

On the Next Episode of Spring Preparation at WTCA, . . .

Happy Good Friday to one and all.  Easter is a mere two days away.  Hard to believe.  I hard cooked a dozen eggs last night and placed them in the refrigerator.  We will dye them today so that we can have a festive table setting for brunch on Sunday.  Our friend Lea will be joining us for mimosas and bloody mary's on the deck.  Brunch will consist of scrambled eggs, freshly ground pork sausage from our recent purchase of fresh pork cuts with Bob and Bette, a fresh fruit bowl and homemade popovers.  Delish.

I sent an Easter arrangement to my family in Midlothian, VA which is scheduled for delivery today.  I chose this very pretty Wondrous Nature bouquet from FTD.  I like the name.  If I worked for FTD and was in charge of naming arrangements, I would use Wondrous Nature as a name.  If you are out there, FTD people, hear my offer to name arrangements.

Any arrangement that combines iris AND lilies is going to be hard for me to resist.  A very pretty arrangement.  I chose the medium sized arrangement, not the small nor the large.  I thought the small would be too insignificant and the large might be gauche.  If the arrangement were all one color, I would have chosen the large.  I sent an arrangement of all white lilies and white nasturtiums when a cousin died a few years ago.

We anticipate a very busy weekend at Crest Avenue.  The weather is supposed to be spectacular with temperatures in the 60's.  Rain will move in late on Sunday.  But that is OK.  We will have had nearly two beautiful days to get lots done.  One thing we will be tackling is the winter burn the boxwoods along the front sidewalk have suffered with this year.

Winter burn on boxwoods.

I am not certain what has caused this.  At first I thought it might be damage done as a result of putting down ice melt pellets at one point during the winter when we were expecting a snow storm.  But along my morning walks through Foggy Bottom near Georgetown, I have seen the same burn on boxwoods at various addresses.  Maybe the owners at these addresses used ice melt pellets also.  It is impossible to know for certain.  We are going to try a new product that I have found in hopes that we can turn this around.

On a happier note, and just on the other side of the yard from the poor boxwoods, I am pleased to report we have lots of green showing up on the hydrangea.

We will snip off the dead blossoms which still remain on the woody growth from last year in anticipation of this beautiful new growth which is just starting to appear.

What a wonderful time of year.  Everyone get outside and enjoy the weekend if possible!
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