Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Well Organized Snack Drawer

I like to keep a few things at the ready at my desk to help me through the day.  One thing I have found is that if I keep these items neatly organized I can keep track of what I have and I know when it is time to replenish my stock.

Since I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes almost two years ago, I have had to make changes to my diet.  Where once this picture would have shown the same organization, the items would have been vastly different.  Oreos, various sugary tea flavored drinks, microwaveable mac n' cheese cups, potato chips, bags of mini Almond Joy and Mounds squares, etc.  These days it shows a much different mix.  Fiber One 90 calorie bars, French Vanilla Slim Fast, a couple small cans of tomato juice, the small 7.5 fl. oz. cans of Diet Pepsi, Lance crackers and a few Hershey's Kisses.  Under the Kisses are Sugar-Free Wintergreen flavored Lifesavers.  You may think the crackers are not good for a diabetic, but the Peanut Butter flavored are 210 calories for the pack and 4 grams of sugar.  The Cream Cheese and Chive are 200 calories and 5 grams of sugar.  They are filling so you are not likely to overeat like you might from a large bag of potato chips.  I speak from personal experience on that one.  I will stop at one pack of crackers.  The potato chip bag may well end up completely consumed and that is never a good thing, diabetic or not.  I do sometimes, however, switch from the Lance crackers to individual size bags of the Baked! Lay's Original Potato Chips.  They contain 120 calories and have 2 grams of sugar.

So if you find yourself dealing with Type II Diabetes, or if you want to just drop a few pounds, pay some attention to what you are snacking on during the day.  A few small changes can make all the different.
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