Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who Is That Peeking Over the Mulch Bags?

On Saturday of last week, we made an early morning run to Lowe's of New Carrollton.  The weather was coolish and there was no hint of humidity.  So I decided I would take my co-pilot with me on this early outing.  We stopped to drop off and pick up laundry.  Then we stopped to pick up food for his majesty. Then it was off to Lowe's to return a contraption I bought to put in the shed to hang garden tools on that did not work.  (I didn't even talk about it here because it was a waste of time.)  So, with that returned, I set out to the garden section and filled my card with as many bags of mulch as it would hold.  We were heading back home at 8:57 AM.  Now that's the way to get errands done on Saturday morning.  When we got home I started to unload the mulch bags from the car before taking someone out of his car seat and this was the look I was met with.

Daddy.  I'm here.  Behind the mulch.

He is such a ham.  The very best boy in the whole wide world.  I just talked to his groomer, +Cassandra Kraham, and we have an appointment for a haircut on Sunday, September 29.  Cassandra owns and runs Paws of Enchantment ( in Mount Ranier, MD.  Paws is a holistic pet grooming spa.  Cassandra believes in the holistic lifestyle for dogs and people.  You can read more about her at the link I have provided.  She comes highly recommended.  
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