Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Have Just One Website to Offer -

These bags have been added to my errand list for this week.

I did a search by ZIP code on their website and found that my local Wegman's sells them.  It was not that long ago one evening that Baxter and I heard noises on the deck.  When we went into the kitchen to investigate, we found a very startled raccoon staring back at us through the sliding glass door.  They are really quite spooky looking, especially at night with the glare from the overhead, outdoor light.  After that night, I bought a large outdoor trash can with a locking lid and that has served us well.  However, some weeks we have more trash bags than will fit inside the trash can so we place those bags in open, plastic bins until trash day.  One day this week, I discovered someone was attracted to one of those bags in the open plastic bin.  When I lifted it, there was a hole in the bottom.  As I made my way to the curb to leave the bag for trash pickup I left a trail behind.  Much like Hansel & Gretel did with the bread crumbs on their way into the woods.

You know, Hansel was a smart little boy.  The first time his stepmother took he and his sister in the woods, he used pebbles to leave a trail to get back home.  When they got back home, they were locked inside the house.  When stepmother took them back into the woods a second time to leave them to die, basically, he is not able to gather pebbles to leave a trail.  So he grabs the only thing he can get his hands on before they leave and that is a slice of bread.  Unfortunately, leaving the bread crumb trail didn't work out quite like he expected.  The bread crumbs were eaten up by the birds, so they were unable to follow the trail back home the second time. Eventually Gretel pushes the wicked witch into the oven and they made their way back home to live with their father.  Gretel was a fast thinker too!!  But, you already know this story.  In my case, instead of leaving a trail of pebbles or bread crumbs, I left a trail of various bits of refuse which I then had to go back and clean up.  I am giving these Mint-X bags a try.  I will let you know how they work.
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