Monday, September 23, 2013

A Clean Pail to Store Bird Seed

On our continuing quest to clean out and bring order to the garden shed, we recently cleaned out the bird seed pails.  These pails were purchased at one of the big box home improvement stores some years ago.   Somehow, water made its way into the pails which were filled with bird seed.  I did not know about that until I removed the lid and found fermenting bird seed.  Not a pleasant find.  So I emptied the content of the pails into a plastic bag and placed those bag at the curb for trash pickup.  It was time to get busy cleaning the pails in preparation for new seed.

Here was the pail after the seed was removed and it was left to sit in the sunshine for few days to dry. It would not have been a good idea to just add fresh bird seed to this pail with the remnants of what was previously contained.  This could have contaminated the fresh seed.  So I rinsed it out with some water from the garden hose and once it dried, I took a sanding sponge to it.

You have seen these sanding sponges.  They are in the paint aisle.  What you have is a sheet of some degree of grit that has been affixed to a sponge which allows the grit to mold to whatever surface you are sanding. This was the perfect tool to clean out these pails.  I did not introduce any chemicals into the cleaning process. I did not use a spray cleaner or even soap and water.  I just wanted to make sure I got the old remnants of seed out as completely as possible.


And here we have a freshly cleaned pail ready to be filled with bird seed.  This past Sunday was the first day of Autumn (Yeah!!).  Now is a good time to stock up on seed and suet for the winter for those of our feathered friends who do not fly south for the winter.

We use this Black Oil Sunflower Seed at Crest Avenue.  All of my feeders are designed to hold this larger style seed.

And here we have a clean pail with fresh seed.  I love taking care of the birds all year round.  We put out seed and suet in the summer months as well as the winter.  It is very soothing to watch the different species of birds who come for a meal once you fill your feeders.  So get yourself some seed and a feeder and join the wonderful world of bird watching.
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