Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Clean Up This Mess!"

And that is exactly what we did.  Prioritizing the daily schedule at Crest Avenue can be a daunting task.  We have so many projects going on at any given time that it can sometimes be difficult to get to everything that needs to be done.  That is why I utilize the chart system, which I have shared with you in a previous post.

The patio clean-up had been pushed to the bottom of the list over and over and finally I just couldn't take it anymore. I decided we needed to review the project list and move this project to the number one position.

So we grabbed some lawn clean up bags and set about cleaning up the debris that had collected from the Sweet Gum trees.  We have talked about the Sweet Gum trees in previous posts.  They are especially dirty. They are mature and they provide wonderful shade in the summer and act as a windbreak from cold winter winds.  But they are messy.  What you see here is a combination of leaves and prickly balls which they drop by the thousands.

Another problem which needed our attention was weed removal.  I am constantly working to keep trees and shrubs and flowers and grass growing and healthy.  But weeds grow like mad.  Strong and healthy and vibrant.  That always amazes me.  These were all pulled by hand in an effort to fully remove the root systems so that they would not sprout again.  After clearing these away, we applied a weed deterrent which was time released and claimed to keep the weeds away for a full three months.

The time released weed killer worked.  This picture was taken some time after we cleaned up the patio and the weeds have not returned.  You see in this picture that we have some pavers which have cracked and need our attention.  I have an idea for an upgrade which will include removing these pavers and replacing them with a different material.  We will talk more about that in coming posts.  This is a very cozy little space which is nice to sit in and enjoy a glass of wine.  Now that the weather is cooling down, the firepit will be especially nice to sit next to with a glass of wine.
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