Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's Make a Plan, Stan

Guess what I came upon recently that many of you will remember, but some of my younger readers may not find familiar.

Address books.  Actual, real, tangible, man-made address books which you can hold in your hand and write in with a blue ink pen (or a black ink pen, but I only use blue ink pens.)  I hardly know a soul who still carries these little books with them in a purse or breast pocket.  Names and phone numbers and addresses are all kept in the contacts list on your iPhone or Android or tablet or laptop.  Or desktop, for dinosaurs like me, who still have such a beast on their desk.

How wonderful to see those neatly lined little pages staring back at you, just waiting for you to fill them up with information.

Here, in the larger of the two books, you have considerably more room to write down even more information.

I also found this Day Planner.  The cover states that it is for 2014 but it actually runs from July 2013 through December 2014.

And there are your calendar pages on which you can make notes and reminders of upcoming events.  I need a real calendar on my desk during the day.  Sometimes I need to see ahead to the next month or possibly two months.  This day planner is nice to have for just that purpose.  Much easier than clicking out of email and into my calendar and then flipping back and forth between the months to see which day of the week October 17 falls on, etc.  The Day Planner and the small address book can be kept in my messenger bag, which is with me at all times.  The larger address book will go in the drawer in my nightstand.

I have tried to become more "with it," for lack of a better description.  I have tried using my android phone to keep myself organized.  But it just doesn't work for me.  It may be a generational thing.  It may be that I am too stubborn to take the time to make it work for me.  It may be that using these old-fashioned ways to keep myself organized are what I know and what I am comfortable with, so I find it easier to actually take pen to paper to keep my life on track rather than typing all of my appointments and projects into a tiny keyboard with my two thumbs.  Whatever the case, am glad to have found these and I cannot wait to start using them.  
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