Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Upgrade in the Bath

OK.  No more posts about dirty kitchen faucets and bird seed pails.  We are back in the main bathroom today.  I spent time cleaning and organizing in the bath over the weekend.

Today I want to share with you the upgrade I made to the space saver organizer.  The organizer I had did not provide room for everything I need in the bath.

This cabinet was an impulse buy.  I was in Target and I saw it and thought it would give me some added storage space.  Prior to this being added to the bathroom, I had two small shelves which were overloaded with all things bath related.  So when I removed those and put this in their place, I initially was overwhelmed with all the additional storage space.  The cabinet was not of high quality, but it looked good enough and served its purpose.

Then I decided I wanted to paint it.

You will remember the post where I took everything out of it and took the doors off and attempted to apply paint.  That did not work.  I quickly found out that the panels on the doors, under the glass panes, were cardboard.  They weren't even pressed wood with a laminate veneer.  They were literally cardboard.  The rest of the cabinet would not receive the paint.  It just bubbled up like oil on water.  Needless to say, I decided it was time to find something better suited and that is when I found the new space saver organizer.

The new organizer cabinet not only offers additional storage space, it is also nicer to look at and of much better quality.  I even found an additional picture to add to the decor on the top.  The oval birdcage knobs on the glass paned doors are not original.  I purchased those from Home Depot and added them as an upgrade. The knobs which came with it were a little too basic for me.  The cabinet quality is great, but the knobs left a bit to be desired.  These add just the right flare.

This cabinet has additional storage in a drawer which runs the width of the unit.  I like this drawer rather than having an open space.  It helps to conceal the items you are storing and gives a less cluttered look to the room.  Very nice.  I am using the drawer to store washcloths and hand towels.  The drawer also got an oval birdcage knob upgrade.  These knobs are so beautiful and less expensive than you may think at $2.98 each. They will need to be special ordered through an associate at the store or online.  I ordered them online. Much easier that way.

You are wondering, where did he get this cabinet?  Montgomery Ward!!  Can you believe it?  They have a small catalog they are sending out again.  You will have to be selective.  There are some very nice things, like this Mission Space Saver and then there are items which are a little less pleasing to the eye.  If you are interested, there is a matching Mission Tall Cabinet which is narrower but of the same design and finish.  If I had room, I would have purchased the matching tall cabinet.  The Mission Space Saver you see here is $169.00 and the tall cabinet is $149.00.  Plus shipping and handling, of course.  If you are interested in seeing this or any of the many items they are currently offering, visit

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