Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Coat of Paint Makes All the Difference

I decided recently that it was time to paint the garden shed at Crest Avenue.  The garden shed I currently have was installed sometime in 2006 if memory serves.  I took a few hours at my local Lowe's to inspect their display of wooden garden sheds before finally settling on the model that I thought would work best for my needs. After making my decision, I had the kit drop shipped to Crest Avenue.  My friend Bob and his son Bill, who was visiting at the time, were kind enough to assemble the shed.  They did an excellent job and in record time.  Thank you Bob and Bill, once again.

Once the shed was erected, it was time to set about choosing a color scheme.  The walls would be painted Dolphin Fin and the trim was painted, er, ... um, ... I cannot remember.  Something blue.  So I gathered my paint and painting supplies and in no time the shed was painted.  But that was seven years ago and many hot summers and frigid winters and, well, the shed was looking a little worse for the wear.

A sad looking shed.  Steven gave me the metal tree ornaments a couple seasons ago.  They didn't work where he planned to use them, so I put them on the shed in an effort to spruce things up a bit.  Unfortunately, I think they only made a bad situation worse.  The shed and the area around it had become unkempt.  You see a couple of tiki torches leaning against the right door.  That is the compost bin on the far right corner of the picture.  On the left were some plastic bins that were being using inside the shed for storage which had been moved outside.  Not good.

So, time to get busy with some upgrading of the shed.

Isn't that a nice, clean look.  I love this grey.  I even think the metal tree ornaments look much nicer.

This time around I decided to go with one solid color rather than one color for the walls and a separate for the trim.  First and foremost I think that is a better look.  Secondly, it saves an enormous amount of time. So it is a win, win.

As with any project, as you get into it you discover other things that need an upgrade.  So was the case with the shed.  I decided it was time for a new latch on the doors.

This is not pretty.  You don't want to put this back on your freshly painted garden shed.  So, it was off to Lowe's.

I should buy stock in Lowe's.  Or they should erect a statue of me in the parking lot.  Something that will recognize my loyalty and return business.  

They had exactly what I was looking for.  A 4-1/2 inch Swivel Hasp.

Here is a picture of the newly painted doors with the old swivel hasp removed.

And a picture of the newly painted doors with a new swivel hasp.


As I stated earlier.  Many times when we start a project we end up seeing other things that need attention. Like adding the new swivel hasp after I painted.  When I started the painting project I was really horrified at the condition of the inside of the shed.  Things had gotten WAY out of control in there.  A sneak peek at the interior condition below.

Disgraceful!  But rest assured, it no longer looks like this.  I simply could not stand it one more day.  So everything was removed and rearranged and now we have a beautiful and clean and organized shed.  More on that as we continue our week of garden shed upgrades.
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