Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A New Knife Block

I am always looking for ways to organize.  Kitchen, bath, basement, bedroom - makes no difference.  I was out this past weekend doing a little shopping, enjoying the Labor Day weekend, and I came across this great knife block.

The knife drawer in the kitchen has been a point of contention with me for some time.  Everything rattles around in there.  Every time you open and close the drawer, things move around.  All the knives were bundled up and I had to dig around to find the exact one I was looking for.  Exasperating.

You can see here that the kitchen knives are a mess, one atop the other.  But no more.  Thanks to this wonderful Bamboo In-drawer Knife Organizer.

Isn't this wonderful.  All of the knives are neatly tucked away in their respective slots.  There is even room on the right hand side for the can opener and a knife sharpener.

Little improvements like this make all the difference.  Especially if you like to spend time in the kitchen cooking.  Now I have everything I need right at my hand.  This was an excellent purchase.  For under $10 I brought organization to this kitchen drawer.

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