Thursday, September 12, 2013

Freeze Dried Fruit? Why Not?

I feel sometimes like I should be a product review blogger rather than a lifestyle blogger.  I love to find new and interesting products.  I am always curious as to how the mind works and comes up with clever ideas and solutions to problems.  Humans are amazing creatures.  So, today I offer a new product I recently discovered at Starbucks.

Strawberry/Blueberry Freeze Dried Fruit.

Who would have thought!

And here is what a bowl of freeze dried fruit looks like.  I'm not sure what I was expecting.  But here goes with the description.  It is very "airy."  Very light.  It almost dissolves in your mouth like meringue, only much faster than a meringue.  The strawberries are very tart.  I like tart, so that worked for me.

The calories also worked for me.  A mere 40 calories per pouch and the carbs and sugar were not over the top.  There was another combo but I cannot remember what it was.  I think mango and something else.  I'll try that tomorrow.  In all truth, these are not filling, but if you are getting your cup of coffee and you want a little something to go along with it, these would do the trick.  I'll have a slice of their lemon pound cake later in the week for being such a good boy today!
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