Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Great Idea for Someone Who is Retiring

I have a friend in Southern California who is retiring.  Well, he has retired.  He is in the process of selling his condo in West Hollywood and has already moved most of his things to his condo in Palm Springs where he will spend his retirement years.  Doesn't that sound divine.  Retiring to Palm Springs, CA.  What a lucky guy.

But now he is going to be even luckier.  Because I got him a little retirement gift.

A gift card from Bristol Farms at their West Hollywood location.  He is always telling me that he likes to stop by Bristol Farms for this or that.  He loves Bristol Farms.  So I thought a nice retirement gift would be a gift card to Bristol Farms.  Here is a link to the Bristol Blog - - which is really cute.  I love their header.

Of course, you've got to put the gift card in something.  So I found this funny card.

I thought that was funny.  You can never go wrong with a gift card.  I know some say they feel they are impersonal.  But I don't agree.  Get the card and then do something special with it.  Put it in a pretty box or slip it in a funny card.  I suppose if you buy someone a gift card and then just thrust it at them with "here's your gift card" and turn and walk away, well, that would be a little impersonal.  Make the presentation an occasion and they will love it.

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