Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Trip to Merrifield Garden Center

We drove out to Merrifield, VA to Merrifield Garden Center over the long weekend.  They have three locations these days - Merrifield, Fair Lakes and Gainesville.  The Merrifield location was the original location and I remember it well.  In those days, Merrifield Garden Center was just about all there was out there with the exception of the Merrifield Post Office which was an enormous sorting facility.  Now, it has all changed.  And for the better, I suppose.  There are townhouses and shopping and all sorts of things to do. We were primarily interested in the tent sale and we ended up getting some really cute stuff for quite a bargain.

Here we are at the entrance to the gardens.  Steven in stripes and Bev in black with gold lame bag.

It was not a particularly busy day at the center on Sunday, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  I suppose everybody was at the beach celebrating the Fourth.

Rows and rows of beautiful plants.  Here we have beautiful red begonia and flowering petunia pots.

A wonderful sea of petunias.

I believe, new guinea impatiens, more begonias in various colors.

More annuals.  This is really a wonderful nursery to shop when searching for just the right plants in your landscape.


We went primarily to see what was being offered in their tent sale.  And boy did we get a surprise. There were several tables of items from which to choose.  At least two of the tables held Christmas related items. We started talking to Sue, who was running the tent sale at this location and she informed us that she would provide us with a bag and we could fill it with Christmas stuff and she would charge us $5 per bag. We got started immediately.  The only restriction was that she needed to be able to tie the bag closed before we paid.  So we stuffed as much as we could in each bag and made our way to the cash register.

A very full bag of Christmas things from the tent sale.

I did not exceed the limit.  We were able to tie a knot in the bag.  But there was very little room left.

And then we got home and got to really examine all we had gotten.

These cute bottle brush trees and another glass tree to add to our collection.  The glass tree alone was $29.95 original price.

A pretty bejeweled cicada.

This fabulous little black Scotty.

And this very sophisticated, sequined pillow.  So incredibly beautiful.

And the back of it in a beautiful satin.

A miscellaneous fleur de lis ornament which will fill in nicely on the Christmas tree.

And who could resist a sparkly disco ball?  Certainly not me.  All of this for $5.  An extremely good deal and well worth the time and the drive.  Thank you Sue.  See you next year at the tent sale.
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