Monday, July 21, 2014

A New Lunch Bag

Most days of the week, I pack lunch and bring it with me to the office.  It really does not take that much time in the morning.  Most times I prepare it the night before and put it in the refrigerator.  In the morning, I take it out and add things that were not to be refrigerated and off I go.  I think many of us do not realize just how much we spend on lunch every month when we buy it from local eateries vs. making it at home.  The savings can be significant.  Now, am I suggesting that you NEVER go out to lunch again?  Certainly not.  It's fun to go out with a friend or friends occasionally.  Or even to pick up something you have a craving for from time to time.  But if you are wanting to find a place where you can save a little money in the budget, bringing lunch from home even a few days a week will help.

The first thing you will want to do is find a suitable bag in which to carry your lunch.  For too long I have used paper bags from various places to cart my lunch back and forth to the office.  I used a bag from Sprinkles Cupcakes for awhile.  Then I used a bag from Dean & Deluca.  No matter how careful you are, they start to disintegrate.  The handles come loose.  If it rains, they get wet and start to fray at the folds.  I found this very cute bag at Wegman's this past weekend.  It is a nylon, neoprene bag which helps to insulate.

It has a very wide band of velcro which makes for a nice tight seal so it won't open while you are carrying it on the subway.

There is ample room inside to bring a filling lunch.  Today I brought a container of spaghetti casserole, which is delicious.  I will share this recipe with you later.

There was plenty of room left for a sugar free Jell-O pudding and a container of green drink which I made just before leaving the house.

All of these items fit perfectly inside the bag and there was room for more.  But I found this to be quite filling. Wegman's had an assortment of these neoprene bags.  I liked the black for myself.  There were some with geometric shapes, floral motifs, stripes, etc.  There were other solid colors like blue and green.  Whatever your fancy, I would recommend getting one of these bags and putting together some lunch ideas.

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