Friday, July 11, 2014

Brooks Brothers Sachets

Having clean and fresh smelling clothing is important to me.  I don't think I am the only guy out there who feels this way.  However, I think we are still living in a society that thinks it is wrong for a "guy" to think about such things.  So I'm breaking down that barrier today with this post.  I am letting all the guys out there know that it is not wrong to want your clothes to be clean and fresh smelling.  You have permission to give such things your attention.  It doesn't make you girly.  It doesn't make you a sissy.  It means that you want to take a little pride in yourself.  That having been said, I want to share with you an item I recently found at Brooks Brothers.  These neat little pouches with a clean cedar scent.  We'll call them "pouches" rather than "sachets" to butch it up a little.  These are very lightly scented with a generic cedar scent.  I placed one in each of the four drawers in my chest.

The other two I placed on a shelves in my closet.  They release just enough scent to make it nice when you open the drawer or enter the closet.  The blue and white check pattern is nice.  Notice I did not refer to it as "gingham."

So, log onto the Brooks Brothers site and order a box or two of these for yourself or for a friend.  Ladies, I think you would enjoy these also.  The scent is very generic.  These would work well for either sex.  A great find!!!
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