Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ceiling Fans to the Rescue

This is exactly what I want to see plenty of the rest of this summer.

Ceiling fans working double-time.  I don't know how one can live, especially in the Mid-Atlantic and southern states during the summer without ceiling fans.  If I had to, I would do without food in order to have ceiling fans throughout the house.  We use them year round.  Most of them come with dual-direction capabilities these days.  There is a summer setting and a winter setting.  Each setting moves the air in a different direction depending on the season.  To keep the air moving means that you home HVAC system will work more efficiently and by doing so, will save you money.  The summer setting directs the air down toward the floor.  This brings the hot air aloft down and helps to disperse it while circulating the cool air from the AC throughout the room or house.  The winter setting directs the air upward and has just the opposite effect.  Bringing up the cool air from the floor and in doing so moving the warmer air above lower and throughout the room or house for added comfort.

If you have not already, install a few ceiling fans.  You can't go wrong.
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