Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Place Setting Boxes, Part III

Finally, it was time to pack up the boxes for delivery to our client on Monday, November 24. Attention to details.  Always pay close attention to details.  It makes all the difference no matter what you are doing.

The first thing to do was to get a box large enough to contain all ten boxes.  I found this shipping box at Target.

I decided to line the box with white tissue.  Yes, I ironed it before I placed it in the box.  We have the luxury of being able to do that and it adds such a nice touch.

Then into the box with the boxes.

Next it was time to add some crumpled white tissue to hold everything firmly in place.  We did not want any sliding around in this box.  What a disaster that would have been.

Once everything was securely in place, we folded over the tissue.

And we added a sticker thanking the client for their order.  Small touches like this go a long way in customer service.

We closed the top of the box and fastened it with clear packing tape.  Then tied a huge bow of tulle on top.  It was fabulous.

We are selling our decorative favor boxes locally right now, but we hope to venture outside our local region in the new year.  More on that to come!
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