Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Peace | Joy | Love on a Box

I made these boxes for my colleagues.  They turned out so nice I wanted to share the project with you.

We began with a large container of Ferrero Rocher and some gold mirror gloss boxes.  The boxes were our standard two inch by two inch by two inch.

Before we got started with the embossing and assembling of the boxes, I made the inserts which would be placed inside each box.  I tried several different ideas.  But in the end, I went with this simple and elegant version.  No clip art.  No fanciful borders.  Simple and succinct.

The first thing to do was to decide which stamp to use and which color of embossing powder to use. We tried several different colors but in the end we used this snow white powder.  It is just a little translucent which adds a shimmer.

Then we placed a single Ferrero Rocher in each box atop crinkle cut in off white and sparkling gold. The gold crinkle cut matched nicely to the gold wrap on the candy.

Then we placed the insert with my simple message of "Merry" on top of each candy and then we closed the boxes.

Into a Christmas bag to be carried to the office and distributed to my dear friends and colleagues.

What a cute bag,  This came in an assortment of bags I bought at CVS early in the season.  The bags are very sturdy and perfect for this time of year.
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