Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Tree Talk

I have been building my Christmas tree collection over the past several years.  This year I decided to do a mini Christmas tree forest on the ledge in the kitchen just above the stairs leading down to the basement. This post will be more about the pictures and less about the narrative.  Just scroll down and enjoy the various shots I got early one morning.

I love these German feather trees.  They have been with me for several years.  You must be very careful when you store them after the holidays.  They cannot lie flat or be pushed hastily into a box or container.  And never stored in the attic.  I store them on shelving in the basement and place a single cardboard box over them to keep them dust free.  I do not store them in closed plastic bags because moisture can accumulate and you could end up with a moldy feather tree.  Nobody wants that.

Our bottle brush trees on the pedestal made it in the arrangement.

This wreath.  How do I describe this wreath?  I do not know what type of twigs were used to form this.  Whatever they are, they have held up quite well over the years.  The twigs were heavily shellacked and then thousands of little crystals were glued on.

Here is a close up view.  I thought it fit in with the woodland scene just perfectly.  It does not photograph well, but in the real world it really is a stunning look on the wall.

So there is my Christmas woodland scene for this year.  I have other Christmas trees throughout the house and we will talk about those in the upcoming days and weeks.  This weekend the main tree goes up in the living room beside the fireplace.  We made room for it last weekend.  Such fun that will be to decorate.
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