Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Place Setting Boxes, Part II

So now we are on to the other place setting box design for this client.  These boxes were equally as attractive, just in a different way.

We began this project with the two inch by two inch by two inch high gloss white boxes.  These boxes are great because you have a clean slate with which you can do pretty much anything.

We embossed each with a turkey motif in glittering gold.  Each box was then wrapped with vellum upon which was printed "Happy Thanksgiving" in a matching font to the puffy boxes.

A little excelsior in the bottom of each box.

Then the same autumnal leaves that we used in the puffy boxes in keeping with the season. Two leaves in contrasting shades, criss-crossed in each box.

Then a delicious pumpkin truffle carefully placed on top of the leaves.

 And finally the insert informing each guest of their surprise.

We did five puffy boxes and five high-gloss white boxes.  Excelsior.




On the back of each box where the vellum strip overlapped, we used decorative stickers to hold the vellum in place.  We had five boxes and fortunately we had five different leaf designs to work with.

A very cute way of keeping the vellum in place.  A mere piece of scotch tape just would not work in this case.

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