Monday, December 22, 2014

Boxed Matches

Boxed matches are not something you see everywhere these days.  When I was growing up, most every household had boxes of matches stashed away in a drawer.  I still keep them.

A box of matches sitting amongst your Christmas decoration on the mantel is not very pretty.  But dressed up in their own bit of finery is OK.

A box of "diamond" brand matches with the strike plate on the side of the box.  Not a very pretty sight for your mantel.

But tucked away inside a cute little silver matte cover is perfectly acceptable.

The backside of the box with a multitude of shining stars.

The company who made this matchbox cover was clever enough to build in an opening for the strike plate so you do not have to remove the box of matches each time you want to light one.  I have no problem with this little box sitting on the mantel or anywhere in the house during the season. Little touches like this make all the difference in how you present your home to friends and family during the holiday season.  And these will not cost you an arm and a leg.  You can find matchbox labels on Etsy starting as low as $3.50.
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