Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Christmas Decoration

A few more pictures following yesterdays post of various shots around the house this year.

These wreaths came from IKEA.  I thought they were beautiful here on the kitchen windows.

Another shots with the morning sun shining through.

Another in the tree collection, this black and white pyramidial candle looked stunning on the mantel alongside the sparkling globe.

Very simple - three ornaments in a glass jar.  Couldn't be simpler to do and very pretty.

This was probably my least favorite of all the pictures.  This ornament tree just looks lost and uninspired.  I left it on this shelf and added another, smaller ornament tree in stainless steel.  Even with that, I was less than pleased.

The Christmas cactus was beautiful this year.  Tons of beautiful pink blooms.  Stunning.

And finally, the paperwhites.  They need to be watered regularly and in short order you will have the most beautiful blooms.
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