Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Cards - Done

We still send Christmas cards.  I know that is hopelessly old-fashioned, but I cannot help it.  I don't think I will ever stop sending Christmas cards through the mail.  I know it's mostly all done online these days with e-cards.  Or possibly the whole tradition of sending any kind of holiday greeting has become passe.  Who knows.  All I know is that it is not passe at Crest Avenue.  I will admit that I do not hand address the envelopes anymore.  I use Avery Laser Labels.  Avery has a wide selection of labels in white and clear.  The word processing software on all computers offer an array of different fonts, so it is fun to play around with that and to get your mailing labels printed to your own specific satisfaction.

I chose these elegant gold-tone cards from Hallmark this year.  I thought they were particularly beautiful.  I think everyone enjoys receiving and opening a beautiful greeting card.  I know I do.  And these fit that bill perfectly.

A very nice Christmas greeting inside.

There are many on our Christmas card list.  Some celebrate Christmas.  Some celebrate other traditions, so just one card will not do.  These beautiful cards with a rain deer and festive trees were perfect for our friends who celebrate a different religious holiday at this time of year.

And another perfect greeting inside this card.

Specialty cards are always nice.  For those in your life with whom you are particularly close or to whom you wish to send an extra special greeting, pick up a specific card with a special message to show your love and affection.

The card can be blank inside, leaving you to ponder and create your very own special message.  Or, it can have a message to which you may want to hand-write something additional.  Let your time writing and addressing and mailing your Christmas cards be a fun time and not a time filled with stress and angst.  If you start early, at least two weeks before Thanksgiving, it will not be drudgery. You will have allowed yourself plenty of time to get them done and to get the stamps ordered.  I order my holiday stamps directly from  This alleviates standing in line at the post office only to find that they are out of the stamps you want when you reach the window.  Order early and order enough so that you may have some left over.  Better to have too many than too few.  You can use the leftover stamps during the year or keep them until next year.  The "Forever" stamps are good for just that - forever.  Also, cards like the one above with the gold wreath require additional postage, so you will want to allow for two stamps on this envelope.


I start getting to work on the Christmas cards several weeks before Thanksgiving each year.  First we print the mailing labels from the previous year on plain paper.  Then we go through with a pencil and make notations where necessary, updating addresses, removing names and adding names.  I always enjoy adding names because that means we have met someone special along the way during the year with whom we want to share a kind thought at this happy time.

My advice - send Christmas cards if you can fit it into your schedule.  It is such a satisfying feeling when you are done. 
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