Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bottle Brush Trees

Are you familiar with bottle brush trees.

These are made by trimming old-fashioned, wire-handled bottle brushes to resemble a Christmas tree shape and then trimming the wire bottle brush handle and inserting it into a solid base.

These trees we are going to talk about today are of this variety, although we did not actually form them from bottle brushes.  If you go back to our posts around the July Fourth weekend, you will read where we visited Merrifield Garden Center (www.merrifieldgardencenter.com) in Merrifield, VA. They were having a Christmas in July sale and we got some great deals.  These trees came from that sale.  We wanted to do something special with them and I think we came up with a great idea.  Read on.

First, we found this cute little pedestal stand in our inventory.  I didn't know at first what we would do, but I knew it would come to me.

I was originally looking for blue and while M&M's, but I could not find a mixed bag of blue and white.  So, when I found these bags of red and white, I decided to go with that.

First things first, ... I emptied all the bags and then separated the M&M's into two categories.  One pile of red and one pile of white.  The red's all ended up in this glass mason jar to be enjoyed at a later date.

Then I set about placing the bottle brush trees atop the pedestal.

I adjusted them as I saw fit until I had them in the perfect alignment.  You will know when they are to your liking when you get them at exactly the right place for your eye.  No two people will want them in the exact same alignment.

A little different alignment.

A little more.  There.  Perfect!

 Then we started adding white M&M's.

And we added some more; 

And we added some more.

Until we had just the amount we wanted and needed on the pedestal.  Now, could you cover the base of the pedestal using a bag of fake snow?  Certainly.  Could you cut a round of fake snow from a sheet and place it in the bottom of the pedestal?  Surely.  But I thought the idea of using the white M&M's was just too clever.

Just a quick idea if you are looking to do something a little different this year when attempting to replicate snow in your Christmas decorating.
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