Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Few Pictures of Christmas

We take an extraordinary number of pictures for Welcome to Crest Avenue.  I usually write the story in my head as I am taking the pictures.  Some of the stories make it on the blog, some do not. Some of the pictures make it, some do not.  I am constantly going through pictures and archiving those which I feel are important and deleting those which are not.  We ended up with several pictures taken during our time spent decorating for Christmas.  Most of these pictures were very good, they just did not form into a story.  I thought I would share them with you today.

This picture actually got posted on Facebook.  We referred to it as a "Magic Bullet Cozy."  We got several responses.  A cute idea.

This shot is of one of several sizes of similar gift bags which came in a grouping which we found at CVS.  These were really cute.  I think we used all of them.  There was one large, two medium and four small bags.

This was our tree.

I loved this pretty gold star on top.  The fact that is lights up adds even more warmth to the tree.  You will notice the ornament hooks in a fanciful curl.  So much nicer than the standard hooks.  Details. You achieve perfection in the details.

Again here with the details.  The stockings match the tree skirt.  I loved the blackwatch plaid with the faux fur.  No real fur in this household.  We are adamantly opposed to ANY animal being raised solely for the purpose of being killed for their hide.  I cannot think of anything more gruesome.

A shot of the banister before Christmas decoration.

And a shot of the banister after Christmas decoration.

So, there you have a few pictures of how our house looked for the Christmas season.  I'll share a few more of these with you on tomorrow's post.

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