Friday, December 19, 2014

A Festive Centerpiece

For the centerpiece on the dining room table this year, I decided to go simple and elegant.

There is not a lot of fuss here.  This is a large candle-holder base with a glass hurricane in which we placed a white pillar candle.  The spruce wreath around the base is actually two faux wreaths I picked up at IKEA.  If one wreath looks good, two wreaths look better.  We stacked them and it really is beautiful.  Faux greenery is so well made these days you can hardly tell the difference from the real stuff.  Of course, the only thing lacking here is the aroma from the real thing.  So I found something to fix that problem.

Scentsicles.  I bought one container of each scent.  So far, we have only used the "Wreath" scent and it is divine.  Now, I know all of this is terribly artificial and not in keeping with how we usually do things at WTCA.  But, these artificial wreaths were so realistically done that I just couldn't see the need to purchase real wreaths which would eventually start dropping needles and make a mess.  They would have needed to be taken off the table and misted several times per week which is time consuming and messy.  I just did not want to go through all of that.  I've done it in the past and I do not want to again.  To fill the room with the aroma of your choice, you simply remove one of the Scentsicles and hide it in amongst the greenery.  The sticks are green so they blend in perfectly. When Christmas is done, we will simply box up the wreaths and place the unused Scentsicles in the box along with the wreaths for use next year.  I got the Scentsicles from Michael's. 
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