Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Dodged A Bullet at Crest Avenue

And a very close bullet indeed.  We had waves of rain come through the Washington Metropolitan area Tuesday afternoon.  The entire day was just scary looking.  Lots of high winds.  There were trees down and power out again in different areas of Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.  Fortunately, not at Crest Avenue.

This was the extent of the damage at Crest Avenue.  And for that, we are incredibly grateful.  It was just up the hill and around the corner that one of my neighbors had a huge tree fall on her house.  More pointedly, her front porch.  Here is a rather blurry picture taken from the car as we drove by right after this happened.

This is the local news crew in the front yard filming for the next news report.
From what I saw on the news this morning, the entire front porch was removed from the house overnight and the roof was wrapped in a blue tarp.  The family will be unable to occupy the residence until repairs have been made which could be months.

The tree fell on the main roof of the house before taking out the front porch, so it was deemed uninhabitable.  Such a shame.  This was one of the 100+ year old homes in our neighborhood that had recently had many upgrades made to the exterior.  Let's hope that the damage is not too extensive and that they are back in their house quickly.
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