Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Desktop Organization

I wrote on Monday that I was going through my desk to try and organize things a bit and eventually ended up making a little origami box to hold paper packets of salt.  In that post I indicated that I placed this origami box in my leather catch-all on my desk.  I thought today I would follow-up that post with a bigger picture explanation of just what I keep in my leather catch-all.

I got this from Pottery Barn some years ago now.  I used it in the entry table for awhile, but later decided it would work better on my desk.  So, as you see here, I keep quite an assortment of things in this space.  In the back on the left is a bottle of InstaClears to clean my eyeglasses.  The bottle in front of that is a bottle of Citrus Coconut Hand Sanitizer.  In front of that, an emery board, nail clippers (yes, ... men need to maintain their fingernails too) and Chap-Stick.  In the center section in the back is a Mio water enhancer and the newly assembled salt box and Nivea Creme.  On the right in the very back is a picture I printed from the web of Anderson Cooper which I take with me each time I get my hair cut so the stylist will know exactly what kind of cut I want.  In front of Anderson are two glass jars with screw-on tops from The Container Store with a mix of Tic Tacs to keep the breath fresh.  And lastly in the front on the right is two types of dental floss (the one on the bottom being Glide Pro-Health Original and the green box on top being Glide Whitening plus Scope Flavor.)  This is very handy to have at arms reach.  I am set for most anything that comes up with these items at the ready.  Specialize yours to fit your wants or needs.  You could use a little wicker basket or a stainless steel tray to hold the items.  Then customize what you place in it based on what is important to you.  A great way to get a little organization to your desktop and in your life.
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