Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Phone, . . . And Better Pictures

I had to bite the bullet and upgrade my Android phone.  I put it off as long as I could.  Actually, I was initally very happy with the phone I had.  It was a Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

I bought it and the service from Boost Mobile through HSN.  It was a starter phone and I've had it now for probably a year; maybe a year and a half.

I stayed with Boost Mobile because they have great customer service and you cannot beat the price on their talk, text and web plans.  But I upgraded to the Samsung Transform Ultra.

I like the Samsung phones.  I am familiar with how to use them.  The Ultra is a little wider, so it is easier for me to hold in my hand.  It has a QWERTY keyboard, which is very handy for me.  The on-screen keyboard on the Prevail was so small that it was nearly impossible for me to type on it.  I had to use a stylus to type on the screen because my fingers were too big.  The other upgrades on the Ultra are a built in flash for the camera; front and rear facing cameras; and, of course, higher processor speeds.

Of course I've only had it for one day, but so far, so good.  Like I said, it has a nice hefty feel to it in your hand.  Or at least it fits my hand better than the Prevail.  I always felt like I was going to drop that.  And here is a picture I took this morning of a Crepe Myrtle at the Cheverly Metro Station.

Now that's a pretty picture, even though the bloom is starting to wilt a bit.  So I'm very excited to get started with my new phone and some beautiful new pictures for you of all my many projects.
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