Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bev's Birthday Weekend

It has been a busy week at Crest Avenue and will continue to be busy as we prepare for our dear friend Bev to arrive tomorrow to celebrate her birthday with us.  Scheduled arrival time - 6:00 PM.  I think it takes between 5:00 - 6:00 hours to drive from Erie, PA (Bev's home town) to Cheverly.  I will be busy with last minute cleaning and running errands over the next 48 hours.  I'm just sitting here reading my to-do list for this event - take steaks and hamburger out of freezer to thaw; pick up (4) avocadoes, (2) jalapenos, (2) plum tomatoes (I'm making fresh guacamole); 16 oz. ricotta cheese (I'm also making lasagne); sour cream, limes, lemons; drop off and pick up laundry; stop at liquor store.  We will be serving your choice of martini or cranberry cosmo or whiskey sour on the deck as soon as she arrives.  Her birthday cake this year will take the form of cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes.  ( 

Saturday we are taking a drive out to Merrifield Garden Center Fair Oaks location in Virginia to meet local celebrities Peg Bier, David Yost and Debbie Warhurst-Capp.  All three host a local show called Merrifield Gardening Advisor here in the D.C. Market.  We are so excited to meet each of them.  While we are there we will be selecting and purchasing tulip bulbs for fall planting.  And who knows what else might catch our eye.

Saturday evening Bob is hosting a small gathering at his house for the birthday girl.  Sunday will be spent recuperating from Friday and Saturday and Bev will have a special treat later in the day.  I hesitate to reveal the special treat in this writing as she is an avid fan of Welcome to Crest Avenue blogspot.

So check back over the next few days for posts on the festive upcoming weekend!

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