Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Treat Boxes for the Office

I had this great idea to put together some Halloween treat boxes and to share them with my colleagues at work.  They were a big hit and I would like to share the project with you.

We started out with 2" x 2" x 2" white, high-gloss boxes.  That is my standard size box which I keep in stock at all times.  Other items included the clear stamp pad made especially for embossing, black embossing powder and canned air.  We use the canned air to blow away any tiny little bits of embossing powder which adhere to the box outside of the stamp design.

Next up, our stamp choice.  I used this package of four different Halloween stamps.

So, we get started.  Here we have ten Frankenstein and ten Vampires.  We only had five Werewolves at the time of this shot.

And here we have a total of forty treat boxes.  Ten of each monster.

We added a little crinkle-cut excelsior to the bottom of each box.

Then we started adding candy.  Each box got a Snicker's Snack Size Peanut Butter Bar, one Cookies & Cream Hershey Kiss, then a Caramel Kiss and a Regular Kiss.

Finally, we got all forty boxes filled with candy.

Then it was into the Halloween Spiderweb Treat basket.  All forty fit in perfectly.

I love this basket.  I've had it for several years.  People always ask me where I got it and I believe it was Target.  But I have not seen them at Target over the past few years, so they may no longer be available.

I made a quick sign to hang over the basket of goody boxes.

And then I sat them out in the kitchenette and taped up the Happy Halloween sign.  They were a HUGE hit with everybody.  This was a great idea and one that I will do again next year, possibly on an even larger scale.  I have received an order to do boxes for a Thanksgiving table and for Christmas.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of something big!!!

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