Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bug Passed Her Emissions Test

We recently received our notice from VEIP that it was time for Bug to have her emissions test. This is a state law in Maryland.  Every two years you receive a notice in the mail from VEIP (that stands for "Vehicle Emission Inspection Program) letting you know that it is time to have your vehicles emissions tested.  It is part of the Clean Air Act.  So you find the station nearest to you and you show up at a time which you hope finds everyone else at work or play or anywhere other than the testing station.  I was lucky on Saturday that there were very few others in line at my local station. The whole thing took about 30 minutes from the time I left the house until I pulled out of the inspection bay.

Here is the notice we receive in Maryland.  Very straightforward.  This is your notice.  You have until this date to get it done.  The fee is this amount.  BAM!

There are several bays at my nearest location, which is Station 13.  I was in Lane three.  A quiet and chilly fall morning.  I think many were still asleep or having a cup of coffee thinking that they would take care of their emission test at a later date.  I pulled up right behind this truck, so I was next in line, or first in line, however you want to look at it.

Waiting for my turn.

And a short while later, I emerged with my certificate indicating that Bug passed the test.  I am good for another two years.  And so was my recent trip to the emission testing station.

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