Monday, November 17, 2014

When Baxter Was Just a Pup

I found some pictures this weekend as I was going through some old files of everyone's favorite miniature wirehaired dachshund.

He was probably seeing Crest Avenue for the very first time in this picture.  We drove to Beaver Falls, PA on Friday after work to pick him up.  We spent the night there and picked him up the next morning and drove back to Dewey Street.  We stayed there the rest of the weekend, so I imagine this was taken on Monday when we returned to Crest Avenue.  You wonder what must be going through his little mind.  He here is in a new place with people he does not know, no longer in the company of his one lone brother who was the only one of the litter left when we got him.  Probably wondering what on earth was going on.  But he has a very good life.

In the tv room, on a blanket on the sofa.

In the kitchen.  He hopped up onto the dishwasher door.  Such an inquisitive little thing, he was.  And still is.

And only a short time later we had our first snowfall, so he got a chance to see what snow was all about very early in his life.

From this tiny little fellow in November 2007,

to this gorgeous and handsome boy seven years later.  I love him so much that I can't stand it some times.